Georgetown SDA Church


Welcome to our Ministries page.  We are blessed to have ministry groups.  We hope you will find resources that will encourage you in your walk with Jesus Christ. 
Some of our many ministries include:

The sunshine band: visits area nursing homes two or three times a month. Contact: J. Hall -210*771*4604.
Assistance for homeless high school students in Georgetown. We provide funds twice a year to a local organization. The funds are used to purchase school supplies including a backpack. Contact: S. Baggett -512*966*5400.
The caring Place: We support The caring Place, a local faith-based nonprofit organization that addresses the basic human needs of people within the service area and collaborates with community partners to improve the quality of life of every client. We are an advisory Council organization supporting The Caring Place. Contact: Shirley Campbell -512*577*0134.
Sharing Bible truth: As part of our efforts to share Bible truth with our community, we conduct Bible study series in locations around our community once a year. The time / location of the next series will be published soon. Contact: Z. Glass -512*240*4916 / Pastor Andrew Moseley 402*450*4390.
Pathfinder Club: To join our club. Contact: 

Children's Ministry - Dedicated to children - We have activities and different classes, depending on your child’s age.
Primary (Grades 1-3) - Kindergarten (ages 4-6). Contact: T. Edlund -512*826*4402
Adventurer Club - We partner with the Stonehill Adventist Church. Contact: L. Chodorow -512*300*9723.
Prayer Ministry – We are always ready to share a praise or petition. Please contact S. Campbell -737*708*5240

Health Focus:  Are you interested in a 30 minute walk during the week?  Contact Tracy for further details.
Visitation: “I wonder where she’s been?” Are you interested in visiting our MIA friends?  If so, contact Shirley.

Adult Sabbath School Join one of our adult Sabbath school lesson study groups. Every week small groups get together to share what they learned from the lesson and how it has made a difference in their lives.